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Way to go Paul!

  • My opinion on this matter has changed.

    1, the acc is weak sauce. Besides fsu (and jimbo fisher is very much like lane kiffin...recruits well but can't coach) and maybe Clemson no else scares me.

    2. Our defense should be a top 25 defense next season so winning 8-9 games isn't out of the question,

    3. Tom savage was every bit the recruit voytik or chapman was. I have watched a good amount of film on Chad. I think that chapman will beat him out. I anticipate seeing savage next year and then travon for 4 years.

  • i think that could go either way. but even if you do start chapman or voytik next year, the following year there is no guarantee that the 2013 starter remains the 2014 starter. chapman and voytik are going to have heated competition for the starting job for years and thats not factoring in kincade or any other qb that comes in.

    im very happy for chryst and the staff and the players on this team. after the way this season started, if you would say theyd be in a bowl game i would have laughed my ass off. the team improved a lot, especially the receivers and the defense as a whole. literally everyone improved their play on defense. we finally saw good things from shayne hale and ty ezell. shane gordon showed us that hes a heck of a football player when healthy. eric williams has a bright future once he adds another 10 lbs-- that kid is FAST and he hits hard. k'waun williams was lockdown, lafayette pitts is a stud and only a freshman, jason hendricks overtook holley as the best safety on the team, todd thomas probably has a nfl future, and some young guys showed good things in limited minutes like darryl render, devin cook, and jahmahl pardner. it looks like pitt will be playing ucf in a bowl game. ucf is a good team and they gave ohio state everything they could handle

  • Agree on points 1 and 2. However, after watching only on TV, I believe CV will have an advantage over Chapman. TC is a better runner but I think CV is a better passer right now. And, he can run some also. The big thing, and I believe it is really HUGE, is that CV is a big-time leader. After the past 2 years, that would be huge at QB.

  • I'll agree with this pre-season assessment. I got taken over the coals on here when I said that after watching Voytik in three practices - one at the end of camp - I didn't think he was the great physical QB a lot of PITT fans do. He may turn out alright but he's no lock in my mind.

    It is hard to predict that a player will start all four years but I do think Chapman will be a starter before he's a SR.

    That said, I'n not completely sold on Tom Savage being the savior either. His play at the college level was a bit above average then he wasn't able to regain his starting job from an average QB in Dodd. I think Savage will start and do pretty well but nothing earthshaking.

  • as long as he doesnt have the mental breakdowns that weve seen for the past 3 years and if he wins a close game or two ill be happy because the talent is certainly there with savage. we really dont know how any of the trifecta will perform but the thing that has me excited is that the talent level which each of them is so much greater than that of the qbs weve had in a while

  • And there is the hidden benefit. I'll go out on a limb and say that Savage will not have those panic and mental breakdowns in 2013.

    But we have had prospective QBs on the roster who PITT fans felt were highly talented, most lately Bostick and Myers. That was proven to be wrong for the most part but at the time that position looked well stocked looked good.

    Hell, PITT fans have a short memory anyway. I'll wager that half the ABT crowd were also Screaming "It's Tino Time!!" three years ago.

    When it comes to QB play I'm of the mind that the player doesn't have to have a cannon for an arm or be flashy out there. i'm perfectly content with a 'game manage' who can get the ball quickly and accurately into his playmaker's hands.

    But truth be told I've missed not have the deep ball in our arsenal.

  • IMO, if its even close between Savage or one of the young guys you have to play the young guy, especially Chapman who has a huge upside. Savage is one and done so the only reason to play him if if he gives the team a much better chance to win. While what folks have said about him at RU is true, we really dont know how a kid like that matures and grows as a player by sitting out a year and having time to learn an offense. We could continue to see more of what he showed at RU or he could be a kid who gets it with his last chance.

    IMO, Chapman coming in early is huge in terms of him having a legit shot to compete. If he werent enrolling early Id agree he has no shot to start, But being able to work out and get coaching early, he'll have a shot,

    Ive said it before and I'll say it again. WIth a kid like that, it may make sense to use him like Myer used Tebow when he was a frosh. Bring him in mostly as a running option but use the threat of the pass Give the kid some reps here and there to use his athletic ability and give hm a shot to grow..

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  • i COULD agree with this as long as he passes voytik as the #2 qb. right now im going to assume it will be savage, voytik, and a rs for chapman. thats my tentative prediction that obviously can be altered. you really never know. chapman could be a gamer who makes huge plays along with his stupid frosh mistakes. frankly, id take that over a "game manager" in a heart beat. frankly, id love it if chapman starts. i mean, if his pat white comparisons are accurate and hes mature enough mentally i would have absolutely no problem with him starting as a true freshman

  • Ive heard the Pat White comparisons and I've heard the kid is a student of the game. If true, it would be hard not to play a kid like that if the competition is close.

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