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Sorry guys but some of you are ridiculous.

  • To say he has to play at alabama (or a similar big school) to be noticed by nfl scouts I find to be just as ridiculous. Scouts know about every player all the way down to div III in today's world.
    plus, sometmes when you are one of the best players on a team, you actually stick out even more than being a number on a team filled with 4 and 5 star players,
    ask Tony Dorsett about that,
    Foster had a chance to be a hometown hero, much like Dorsett
    His cousin even plays for Pitt now and is doing well,
    We've been hearing for weeks if not months he was a pitt lean, a pitt lock, and heading to Pitt, even up to the night of the announcement, then he says that morning he decided to flip to alabama, which is 1,000 miles away, and his parents, and his little brother (I think) who was sitting on his lap during the press conference, will not be able to see him play in person.
    He even said Pitt was a better fit, meaning he "wanted" to go to Pitt, but he "had" to pick alabama, then mentions he has to go after the money?
    Im not going the payola route unless I hear actual proof, (or if his parents all of the sudden fall into free plane tickets and hotel for every Alabama game) but I certainly understand why some posters have suggested this due to the uncanny circumstances.
    but what I believe what happened is this, nothing really illegal, but his high school coach said bama did a better job of recruiting him than Pitt, I take that to mean bama simply did a better job in telling him what he wanted to hear, than Pitt.
    Pitt probably told him he could be a hometown hero, help turn the program around, make him a better person, academically and athletically, play locally where his parents and family could watch him in person, and also prepare him for the NFL, after all, pitt wr coach Bobby Engram played in the NFL, all of which he liked, (and all of which I believe) so he thought Pitt was the best fit, but bama told him he could make more money, (which I don't believe) but obviously Foster did believe.
    HOWEVER, I've enjoyed all the posts, from both Pitt and bama fans, so if one good thing came out of this whole shabang, is it fueled a lot of discussion.
    after all, this is a message board and it is America with its first amendment rights,
    and posting and reading everyone's thoughts is what makes this fun, IMHO.

  • It's probably a combination of things, steve. I don't buy this NFL business decision stuff .. obviously. It's just absurd to even suggest that was a factor.

    They came right out and told you one of the reasons why. It's academics. Alabama will pass him through .. no threat of losing playing time due to school. Then of course you have to know they're paying his parents/Foster off as well. It's not one or the other but both.

    Pitt needs to play dirty if they want to compete for the money guys. There aren't a ton of money guys out there but when you have enough talent .. the money will find you. Pitt can do just fine without that level of talent.

  • Bama's run has not been "like no other in college football history." They've been dominant and have been the team of the late 2000s to early 2010s for sure, but these things happen every decade. Miami had a spurt in the 80s, as did Oklahoma. USC had a run in the early 2000s. Nebraska had a run in there as well, although I don't know their program's history so well.

    Oklahoma and Bud Wilkinson didn't lose a game for three years while playing against what were some of the best programs in the nation at the time. That's a run.

    For Bama to have one undefeated season in a few years isn't all that spectacular, and two national titles in 5 years is impressive, but it's been done before.

    You should read up on CFB history before you get yourself on that soapbox and beat your chest.

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    โ€@Cordale10 Why should we have to go to class if we came here to play FOOTBALL, we ain't come to play SCHOOL, classes are POINTLESS

  • Is Jerry Sandusky a role model?

  • Nobody says pay ALL the recruits, just pay the special ones.
    My rule of thumb would be ........ 4* and up.....da fam get's paid $$$$$$$$

  • No?

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    โ€@Cordale10 Why should we have to go to class if we came here to play FOOTBALL, we ain't come to play SCHOOL, classes are POINTLESS

  • Thanks for the support T_L. I agree with your synopsis.

  • Tide205, you are wrong. Bama does not give him a better chance at going to the NFL. If you are talented and good enough, it doesn't matter where you go to school. I guess Larry Fitzgerald had a lesser chance because he went to Pitt? All of those NFL hall-of-famers from Pitt, had less of a chance? Guys are drafted from small colleges and losing teams all the time. As a matter of fact, he may have a better chance at Pitt, because of his greater chance at early PT, and being showcased by the offense. He will compete with other AAs at Bama. Bama is a football factory, and Foster will be just another great player. At Pitt, he would have been the local hero, followed each game by his family and friends. He would also have the support of his family and friends right there when needed. If winning a championship, which Pitt may have a chance at too in the future, is a bigger priority, then Bama is it. I'll respect his decision, but it is not one I would have wanted my son to make.

  • We have a Bob Lichtenfels, a national recruiting expert,and Goadie, a guy with insider access, feeling the call was Pitt until the very end. Mother wore a blue dress to the announcement. Look, without indicting the New York handshake from Alabama, you're dealing with a 17 year old kid.
    The reality is that if he grows football wise and mature wise from what he's purported to be now, this kid's going to the NFL----forget Bama and Pitt. This isn't 1957 where future HOF'mers(Roosevelt Brown OL NYGiants) were drafted in the 42nd. round because they went to a Morgan State. If a kid has it, the pro's will find him in a South Hampton Institute of Technology( S. H. I. T.)

    Att'n Censors--If SMU is Southern Methodist University and USC is the University of So. California, what do you call the great South Hampton institute?

    To Bama fans---- forget Alabama a second. To what extent are hidden payments to recruits occurring in the SEC? I can't believe an Auburn, LSU, Georgia etc. are sitting still. watching you within reach of consecutive NC's.

    Maurice Clarett, who I'm sure has lost all credibility, claimed this week the proverbial," I took a pay cut when I went pro". He said he got $$$$$ and three fancy cars while at tOSU.He says he has papers and accounts to prove it. Based on the NCAA's tepid response, one would guess this is business as usual in various places.

    Do you realize the $$$$ that are at stake? TV, alumni contributions to the U., all the spoils an NC brings? American capitalism dictates that smart money chases opportunities for growth and you'd be an idiot to believe that if you were "too big to fail" for the NCAA, laying 50G in an envelope for a special recruit wouldn't make investment sense. Just don't get caught!!

    So visitors, who in the SEC is illegal, in your opinion?

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