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Robert Foster

  • Yeah, Scranton and rural Alabama is laughing at us. I'm from the South, but I've been in Pittsburgh for 16 years because it really is one of the country's great cities. Different strokes for different folks, of course, and Bama has earned the right to brag about their college football supremacy (even though you're not getting Foster), but it certainly has no ground to stand on to take shots at Pittsburgh as a city. You can take your 1980's talking points and get bent.

    But don't take my word for it...

    2012 Rankings

    - ABC City Guides for Kids has voted Pittsburgh as their #1 family fun destination in their annual list. Stating "The Heinz History Center and the Carnegie Science Center are world class. Ride the Duquesne Incline for the best view of Kidsburgh and the city's 3 Rivers. Visit Primanti Bros., the Strip District and Andy Warhol Museum."
    - Pittsburgh remains as one of the top 10 most literate cities since the rating began in 2003. The survey, created by Central Connecticut State University, is based on number of bookstores, newspaper circulation, educational level and libraries.
    - Forbes ranked Pittsburgh in the top 20 best places for a working retirement. Factors include low unemployment rates and cost of living, plus solid job growth.

    2011 Rankings

    - The 8th Annual Farmers Insurance study ranks Pittsburgh as the most secure city among large metro areas (500,000 or more residents). The rankings, complied by Sperling’s Best Places, site crime statistics, extreme weather, housing depreciation, life expectancy, among other factors.
    - Pittsburgh is one of eight U.S. cities included in the top 50 of the Mercer 2011 Quality of Living Survey, which covers 221 cities worldwide. Local living conditions are evaluated including economic environment, health and sanitation, schools and education, among others.
    - National Geographic Traveler chose Pittsburgh as one of the best places in the world to visit, according to the 2012 Best of the World list. Calling Pittsburgh an “Extreme Metropolitan Makeover,” the city’s transformation over the past 50 years qualifies as revolutionary. From stunning architecture to sustainable design, this newest renaissance transformed Victorian and contemporary landmarks alike.
    - US News & World Report released their report of the top places to retire in 2012. Pittsburgh ranked in the top five due to a number of amenities and low cost of living.
    - Sporting News has ranked Pittsburgh in the top 10 of the best cities for sports. Categories included won-lost records, post-season appearances, power ratings, number of teams and attendance.
    - Forbes Magazine ranked Pittsburgh as the 4th best area for working mothers. Fifty of the largest metropolitan areas were rated in terms of earnings, childcare costs, commuting time and cost of living.
    - “Pittsburgh is a happening place culturally and economically,” says New York-based Creative Cities International’s Vitality Index. Ranked 11th out of 35 Cities for Urban Vitality, Pittsburgh, a medium-sized city, boasts all the offerings of a larger city. Numbers were crunched on demographics, cultural offerings, recreational amenities, such as parks and trails, neighborhood life, attitudes and atmosphere.
    - CNBC named Pittsburgh as the #1 Best City to Relocate to in America. The city has made a major transformation from an industrial town into a hub for education, healthcare and the arts.The cost of living is below the national average, as are home prices and unemployment rates. Crime rate is low, repeatedly rated one of the most livable and ranks high on both arts and colleges. And, of course, Pittsburgh is rated as one of the best sports cities in the U.S.
    According to Yahoo Real Estate, Pittsburgh is One of America’s Most Underrated Cities, stating Pittsburgh is not only surviving but thriving. With a continuous population decrease, the city economy is among the strongest, noting educational institutions and financial and technology companies taking Pittsburgh out of the steel age.
    - The Mercer ranking lists Pittsburgh as one of The Most Affordable Cities in the World as well as one of the least expensive in the United States. Factors that influence cost of living are housing, transportation, food, entertainment, among others.
    - Brookings Institute ranked Pittsburgh in the Top 25 Largest Metro Areas for the Number of “Clean Economy” Jobs. The Washington think tank examined the nation’s 100 largest metro areas and ranked them for their number of jobs related to renewable energy and the environment. The research identified 21, 963 clean jobs in Pittsburgh, nearly as many as in larger cities.
    - ranked Pittsburgh as the Top 10 Hottest Areas for Jobs. According to new data, Pittsburgh is attractive for job seekers due to the high demand for talent. Data collected included the number of openings posted online by firms and government agencies, as well as career sites.
    - Pittsburgh was named One of the Best Six Cities for Kayaking by National Geographic Traveler. The adventure starts on the Allegheny River from Downtown, paddle three-miles to Washington’s Landing, watching for beavers and other wildlife. Solo and tandem kayaks can be rented near PNC Park.
    - Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh made the Best Children’s Hospital Honor Roll, ranking in the top 10. The top specialties surveyed included cancer, cardiology and heart surgery, diabetes and endocrinology, gastroenterology, neonatology, neurology and orthopedics.
    Pittsburgh is home to eight Fortune 500 Companies, with U.S. Steel Corp. and PNC Financial Services Group topping the list. This list of vibrant, growing companies speaks to the continued appeal of the region as a corporate headquarters.
    - Idlewild Park and SoakZone, located in Ligonier, was named Best Park for Families by the National Amusement Park Historical Association. Park highlights include Storybook Forest, which allow visitors to interact with people dressed as nursery rhyme characters; the park’s most popular wooden ride, the RolloCoaster; and the Caterpillar, one of only three rides still operating in the world.
    - The international publication, fDi Magazine’s North American Cities of the Future ranked Pittsburgh as #1 on their list of Large Cities of the Future, with a population between 250,000 and 750,000.
    - listed Schenley Park as one of America’s Coolest City Parks. Located in Oakland, the park includes 456 acres of trails and woodlands, 13 tennis courts, golf courses and a running track. A stone’s throw away from the University of Pittsburgh and Phipps Conservatory & Botanical Gardens, the conservancy spent $3.4 million to restore the park’s Visitor Center.
    - Fox Sports rated PNC Park, home of the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team, as #1 of the Top 10 Ballparks in MLB. Seats angled toward the field, best skyline view in sports, best out-of-town scoreboard, the Roberto Clemente Bridge over the Allegheny River, beautiful architecture, an uncommonly intimate feel and the best sight lines of any ballpark.
    - Pittsburgh is a “leading location of the future” for international investment, economic development and business expansion, according to fDi, published by London-based Financial Times. Pittsburgh has been ranked first overall in the large cities category among the fDi 2011/2012 Americas Cities of the Future. Cities were compared on 80 criteria including quality of life.
    - For the fourth time in four years, Pittsburgh has been named America’s Most Livable City, by the respected Economist Intelligence Unit. Pittsburgh was also the 29th most livable worldwide, being the first U.S. city on that list. The survey ranks cities based on 30 factors such as healthcare, culture, environment, education and personal safety.
    - CONSOL Energy Center, home of the Pittsburgh Penguins and the first LEED certified National Hockey League arena in the country, was named Best New Major Concert Venue in the U.S. Voted by the Pollstar Industry Awards, the multi-purpose arena is also host to concerts, circuses, various stage shows and other sporting events such as the new arena football team.
    - Parents Magazine named the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh as the 7th Best Children’s Museum in the United States. Moms and Dads were surveyed to identify those museums with clever educational exhibits, mommy-and-me outings and festivals, healthy places for lunch, nursing areas, family restrooms and stroller parking.
    - For the third consecutive year, Pittsburgh ranked near the top of the . The annual list, compiled by Sperling’s Best Places, ranked Pittsburgh 11th among populations of more than 50,000. Sperling’s list considered criteria such as air pollution unemployment rate, job growth, crime rate and housing
    Pittsburgh ranks 6th on the Forbes Magazine list of America’s most affordable cities, stating the combination of a newly diversified economy and a history of sustained low costs make the city affordable.
    - Pittsburgh ranks 4th among the most literate cities in the United States, according to Central Connecticut State University. The study includes cities of 250,000 people or more, with a focus on education levels, Internet usage, newspaper circulation, library services and number of booksellers.

    2010 Rankings

    - Pittsburgh ranks 2nd on the list of America’s most affordable cities, stating the combination of a newly diversified economy and a history of sustained low costs make the city affordable.
    - Pittsburgh was named Best City to Relocate to in America by The list took into consideration a variety of data points from cost of living to crime rates, the number of colleges and how healthy the population is, as well as access to museums, shows, sporting and other events and stability.
    - Kiplinger named Pittsburgh as one of the 10 best cities for empty nesters. Residents 45-64 typically look for affordable neighborhoods with a large amount of cultural amenities, antiquing opportunities and historical attractions, such as the area’s 47 covered bridges.
    - The Huffington Post voted Pittsburgh as one of the forty prettiest cities in the world. The research on each city included the many food options available, the ability to walk around, architecture, diversity, culture, shopping and the ultimate beauty of the city, such as modern, classic, gothic or a mix.
    - Pittsburgh ranks fourth as the most improved housing markets in the U.S. Bloomberg and rated 50 of the largest metropolitan statistical cities in the areas of first-quarter home prices, foreclosures and delinquent loans, as well as overall home sales, distressed sales and local unemployment figures from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.
    - Pittsburgh ranks 13th among the top 50 global eco-friendly cities. Eco-City Ranking includes the following criteria: water availability, water portability, waste removal, sewage, air pollution and traffic congestion. Pittsburgh is only one of three United States cities listed in the top 20.
    Pittsburgh ranked 12th on a list of the easiest U.S. cities for job seekers to find work. Job search site,, ranked the 50 largest metropolitan areas according to how many job seekers vs. advertised jobs.
    - Forbes magazine rated Pittsburgh as the best place to buy a home. The ranking was based on a number of factors including the fact that home prices are expected to increase in the region, 85 percent of homes are affordable to those making the median income and foreclosures are low.
    - Pittsburgh ranks 12th on the "Fun Cities" list for running a business based on fun. Statistics were gathered on relevant businesses, from retails stores and restaurants to casinos and golf courses. Categories of fun were analyzed, such as shopping, food, drink, high and low-impact sports and entertainment.
    - Pittsburgh ranked fourth among the best 50 cities for working mothers in the U.S., according to Forbes Magazine. Rankings were based on women’s income, cost of living, pediatricians, unemployment rate, violent crimes and spending per pupil by schools.
    Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh is one of eight pediatric facilities to be named to the America’s Best Children’s Hospitals list as part of U.S. News & World Report. Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh ranked #3 in Diabetes + Endocrinology and #6 in Gastroenterology and Pulmonology.
    - Forbes Magazine ranks Pittsburgh number seven out of ten Best Places to Raise a Family. The criteria was based on cost of living, home ownership rates, median household income, commute time, crime and the percentage of young adults who graduate high school. has named The National Aviary the best overall destination for bird lovers in its Top 20 Bird and Parrot Vacation Destinations list. The National Aviary received first place ranking in the top 20 list, beating out large zoos and other aviaries across the United States. The wide variety of bird habitats and species and the wonderful feeling of being immersed in the bird's natural environment were key factors.
    -, an online web community devoted exclusively to the needs of single women, voted Pittsburgh as the 8th best city for single women. Factors included career opportunities, low cost of living, several top universities, thriving art and cultural scene, three major league sports teams and an abundant of outdoor/recreational activities.
    Kennywood Amusement Park was voted the world's favorite traditional park by the National Amusement Park Historical Association. Kennywood’s Phantom’s Revenge was named the world’s third favorite steel roller coaster.
    - Bicycle Magazine ranked Pittsburgh 28th on the list of bike-friendly cities with populations greater than 100,000. Factors considered were the hiring of the city’s bicycle/pedestrian coordinator, more than 14 miles of dedicated bike lanes, bike parking areas and the distribution of 100 bike racks to businesses around the city.
    - Real Simple ranked Pittsburgh as the 8th top time-saving city in the United States, noting the ease of Pittsburgh's public-transit system and number of bookstores per capita. The survey was based on these categories: Getting Around, Health and Safety, Information and Technology, Green Time-Savers and Lifestyle.

    * from

  • I'm just confused about the entire discussion. There are plenty of kids that have picked Pitt over the top 5-10 programs in the country. Rushel Shell picked Pitt over Bama just last year. If Foster is concerned about playing the NFL, I still can't figure out why either program would be better. Bama sends more kids, but there's more opportunity to play early at Pitt and if he's great, he'll go early coming out of each program. It's not like if he dominates at Pitt and has good measurables that he wouldn't get picked high.

    Other than that, isn't it all just where a kid is most comfortable? Most kids from the north aren't comfortable in the deep south and vice-versa. Most kids like to be close to their family. Pitt still beats out Ohio State for recruits all the time, and they not only offer a big time program, they cheat like crazy. It's just want kids are comfortable with.

    And keep in mind, just because Pitt hasn't been a top 5 team in a long time, doesn't mean it can't happen again. Pitt has been the best program in college football multiple times. It has a lot going for it and could be it again.

  • N/M

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  • Hilarious. I tell you what, instead of just spouting internet board puffery, I'll let some neutral arbitrators of this do the talking for me.

    It's official: Pittsburgh is the most liveabl

    The Economist Intelligence Unit has released its 2011 Liveability Ranking and Overview, and the Steel City tops the U.S. list, beating out Los An...

    America's Most Livable Cities -

    In these affordable metros, jobs are plentiful, crime is low and there are myriad entertainment options.
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  • Maybe just maybe we aren't that impressed and the majority of us don't give a crap about Alabama

  • That's fine. I mean honestly, what else can you say?

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  • It is irrelevant how I define success. Any type of potential success that Pitt can offer him, Alabama can top. Again, I'm not disrespecting Pitt, but when you are comparing two schools, one of them has to be inferior.

  • What I've gathered from this thread is that the SEC and Alabama provides a better game day atmosphere than does Pitt. It also provides a better chance of winning a national title. Those are important things, but if a kid likes living in Pittsburgh for the 350+ other days of the year and wants to play in the NFL, then Pitt provides good opportunity to do both.

    A lot of people here also don't understand why Pittsburgh kids like to stay home. Because it's one of the best cities to live in in the country. Seems to me there are a lot of national publications that agree with that sentiment.

  • One last try here .. can someone please list the advantages each school has over the other in this recruitment??? And be objective as well?

    It just seems like most of the Alabama fans here are really misinformed. You don't realize how many players Pitt has put in the college/pro Halls of Fame. You didn't realize how many cupcakes the SEC was playing in week 12 until i pointed it out. You say things like "business decision" but have no idea WTF point you're even trying to make. No facts to back anything up. Nothing but more of the same old SEC RAH RAH bullcrap and haughty ignorance.

    Give me an objective list. Do you need me to define "objective" for you? This site has some fairly intelligent members. You're not going to float that BS in here, bubba.

  • The point was that it was about as relevant to the conversation as asking how many Pro Bowlers the 2 schools had last year.


  • I just said it.....Now go away.....I wish there was a dismissive wanking emoticon.....

  • I'm loving this thread lol!

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  • Yea I'd be mad too if the university that i cheer for was inferior in all facets in terms of being a successful football program compared to a SEC team.

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    University of Alabama: The high mark of college football since 1892

  • You .. sir .. are out of your depth. GTFO.

  • Inferior in what? Gameday atmosphere and chance of winning a national title. That's all I've got.

    NFL teams draft kids based on their potential to have success in the pros. His talent doesn't change depending on the school he goes to. Alabama has talented kids. But kids get drafted on talent, not the uniform they wore in the NFL.

  • Have you no shame? Wasn't it embarrassing enough when you had your previous comment about Pitt HoFers shoved up your rear end?

  • I think most Pittsburghers would be pretty happy to hear anyone from Philadelphia felt that way.

    Hey, how many HOFers does Alabama have again?

  • Out of my depth? If you are going to resort to childish insults, at least come up with something that makes sense.

  • I can understand your aversion to reading, I'm just surprised that you figured out how to connect to the free WiFi at Applebee's.

  • Where in this thread did I say I was mad? You rednecks sure cannot read....I said I don't give a crap nor do I care about Alabama and it's accomplishments......

    Yet you are here trying to convince us

  • Pros for Pitt- close to home, friends on team, mom wants him to go to pitt, could help turn around program, good relationship with coaches.

    Pros for Bama- Playing in SEC, possibly playing in bigger games, more national exposure, playing for a top 5 program, has said he really likes it there, good relationship with coaches and some players.

    I am an Alabama fan so I know a little more about what he likes about Alabama, pitt fans can certainly add to what he likes about pitt but please just add what he likes and not compare the schools since that has been overdone in this thread which started out with a simple question.

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  • No doubt, if a kid wants to make more money in college, hed be well advised to go to an SEC school where the saying, "if you aint cheatin you aint tryin" was coined. The only down side would be having to take a pay cut when he made it to the NFL.

    As far as making it in the NFL, doesnt seem like FItz, Revis, Shady et al had their NFL careers held back by attending Pitt. The reality is, if a player is good enough, his chances of making it to the NFL are not influenced much by where he goes to school. Heck his position in the draft is not impacted by school choice.

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    A "Real PITT MAN"............get off my porch!

  • You think it's irrelevant how you define football success .. yet football success is what you claim is the reason to play for Alabama. Instead of double talking me .. how bout you just leave?

  • Let me summarize if I can.

    Young Robert, if you want to play for BCS national championships... go to Bama.

    If you want a better chance at being an NFL star, playing in pro bowls, and making the hall of fame... go to Pitt.

    BTW, Philly is a disgusting cesspool.