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Robert Foster

  • FIRST .. i'd like to point out that i stopped posting new material in this thread a while ago. The rednecks kept coming back to take shots at me. So i have been indulging your lack of humility and class. I'm here because you are here. Go away and i'll go back to discussing Pitt topics. This is all on you.

    As for exposure .. let's review:
    - Spring game .. both (Pitt and Alabama games) are easily accessible through TV or team websites. I've never had to miss a Pitt spring game. I just simply don't find it that interesting and i believe the average person couldn't care less.
    - Nationally televised games .. not much of a difference.
    - Hype and relevance of games .. ALabama plays in a few more interesting games than Pitt. Name all the really hyped and nationally highly rated games for Alabama this year (Michigan, LSU, Texas AM, UGa, ND .. that's 5 for you). Regionally, Pitt has a small following and mostly meaningless games on a national scale (VT, ND .. maybe VT is pushing it but it's certainly more interesting than Miss St .. so that's 2 for us). We definitely don't play in title games.

    Ok .. now, tell me how exposure/hype is a factor in a recruitment. I believe Bob L expressed his opinion and that was to say he believes it's way down the list in importance .. practically irrelevant. If a player (ie Foster .. Lesean McCoy .. Fitzgerald .. Julio Jones) is good enough then he'll get exposure. If he's not that great then he'll likely get a few minutes of fame extra at Alabama. How does that help with the BUSINESS of football? I guess you think Alabama is the 33rd NFL team right? Mike Tomlin should forget about attending the NFL combine or employing scouts. ESPN gives a kid his 15 minutes of fame on College Football Live so he's an automatic 1st rounder.

    Many of the folks here have agreed .. Pitt's ability to develop talent is among the best in the country and is not simply measured by the number of draft picks. That is based on how recruiting goes. Obviously Pitt doesn't fork over the cash and cars to steal 5-star prospects from 1000 miles away. But we still manage to hook the NFL up with studs on a regular basis.

    Please. Tell me how dumb i am. And continue to increase the hit count on our message board. That's the only reason the mods aren't taking out the trash. Your lives are worthless. Go beat some yankees up. Go shoot some beer cans off a fence post. Don't forget to buy some tickets to a spring scrimmage game.

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