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Pitt is ok without Foster

  • Sure Pitt would be better off with Foster, and this isn't to say that we are better off without him- because we are not. However the team still has the pieces to do well with the guys currently on the roster/committed.

    I've seen quotes from players talking about Savage having the most arm strength they have ever seen, and he's the guy that fans least want to see as the starter. Voytik was a US Army AA last year and earned the backup job in camp this year. His quick release should serve him well if there are line issues next year. Chapman is a true dual threat type, and Chryst has done well with that in the past(Russell Wilson- and not to say the kid is Wilson, but the offense could use similar concepts). I've even read good things on Trey Anderson from practice.

    Shell is a stud and will get a chance to be the main back next year. Bennett is talented enough that he could probably start for a bunch of other schools, and is an excellent number 2 back here. Crockett is a kid with plenty of upside as a third string back and we know that Corey Davis and Desmond Brown have ability too. Even FB Giubilato can play.

    This depends on Street's final decision right now but I could see this group doing decent without Street. Ed Tinker has shown some potential at the end of the season and could fill in a bigger role next year as could Ronald Jones in a slot type role. I also like the trio of guys redshirting in the Davis twins and Chris Wuestner, who I think could be a productive player here like Jared Abbrederis was at Wisky. If we could get Tyler Boyd it would give an elite type of talent to work with and join a class that has some potential with Challingsworth being a guy with sleeper potential and Terrish Webb being another kid I liked when I watched him.

    JP Holtz looked like a future stud this year. Drew Carswell is an athletic player with a chance to do something after the catch. Scott Orndoff seems like a typical Wisky tight end, and I expect good things from him. Parrish is another who could be strong from a TE/H-back role.

    Cory King, Matt Rotheram, and Ryan Schlepier all return, as does Arthur Doakes. So there is plenty of starting experience back. The line also adds help when Juantez Hollins and Tom Ricketts get back after missing the year due to suspension and injury, we get to see Adam Bisnowaty play, plus TJ Clemmings has the potential to be a good tackle. Throw in a recruiting class that has Dorian Johnson, Alex Officer, Aaron Reese, and Carson Baker already and likely Jones-Smith and the future is looking solid even though next year may be a little up and down.

    Other than Shayne Hale, TJ Clemmings is the only loss from the group, but his move to the OL means we get to see more of Devin Cook opposite Bryan Murphy. I'm also liking Shakir Soto's potential.

    Aaron Donald is one of the best players on the team. Then Tyrone Ezell, KK Mosley-Smith, Daryl Render, Terrell Jackson, and Tyrique Jarrett make up a pretty strong unit overall with some depth and young talent.

    I expect this group to be even better next year as Todd Thomas will be healthy for a full year, E'juan Price will be back after missing the year, and hopefully Dan Mason is back as well in addition to Eric Williams and Shane Gordon being returning starters. I'm also excited to see what Bam Bradley, Mike Caprara, and Rippy can do when the redshirts come off. Matt Galambos and Luke Maclean will add even more options for the staff.

    K'Waun Williams and Lafayette Pitts are one of the better duos the ACC will have if Williams rebounds, and Cullen Christian is a very good nickel corner. Looking forward to seeing what Ryan Lewis and Trenton Coles can do as well.

    Losing Holley and Tags hurts but Jason Hendricks had a good year and Ray Vinopal is ready to play a bigger role, as is Jahmal Pardner. Reggie Green and Titus Howard are under-rated recruits as well I think.

  • First off the quote was this:

    “Trey and Chad are a little similar, more mobile,” he said. “Tom Savage has one of the best arms I‘ve ever seen. Once he learns the system, I think he can be great. I think it will be great competition back there (in the spring).”

    Take the selective reading out of it and Street could just as well have been pumping either Anderson or Voytik for the starting position. But Gee - ya think Savage can throw as hard as Kevan Smith? At this point we literally have no idea what, who or how the QB position is going to turn out.

    Your take on the WR position is very optimistic. The bald truth is that Foster most likely would have waltzed into camp and grabbed that #2 WR spot - he's that good. To think that we won't miss him is a mistake IMO. Those backup WRs you mentioned have a total of ten career catches between them. Some of those kids will do OK next season but again, there are no guarantees, especially if Street declares then we have just about zero experience... some talent but that isn't a given for success.

    We are losing a RB who gained 1000+ yards at a 4.7 clip and who scored 11 TDs. Those are big shoes to fill and while Shell may equal or pass that I worry about the times he went for stretches without production.

    All that said - I do think we have some talent returning for 2013 but I'd be hard pressed at this point to say it will equal or exceed the talent we have this season.

  • Hey, it's college have holes to fill every year. Kids step up every year.

    Who will it be? Not sure, but I think we have plenty of options. Street isn't going anywhere. Tinker, Ifill, Jones, Davis twins. Chally, hopefully Boyd. Plenty of options to go along with a stable of Tight ends.

    When was the last time Pitt had an issue finding a RB?

  • Which is why college FB is so much more fun than the NFL in my opinion.

    We'll have kids hit stardom - Holtz almost for sure and possibly Shell. Maybe Todd Thomas and Devon Cook on the D side. As everyone has been saying the key will be the OL and the QB positions.

  • From what I've seen of Pitt last season, Shell seems more likely for stardom than Holtz.

    I think both have very high floors, but I thought Shell was a stud last year and could do big things if y'all can put an OL in front of him. That punishing running style wears on a defense, and a guy like Bennett is more than capable of giving him a breather to help him stay fresh, making it easier for him to stay healthy and put up those big numbers.

    Graham was a tremendous back, and probably my favorite player to watch on Pitt, but IMO Shell can fill this past seasons numbers and then some.

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    ‏@Cordale10 Why should we have to go to class if we came here to play FOOTBALL, we ain't come to play SCHOOL, classes are POINTLESS

  • Shell and Holtz are both manimals. Pitt can win this division with VaTech NEXT YEAR!

  • Sure we will be "fine". But when 5 star playmakers are in your back yard you better grab them. Chris dokish said the difference between 8-4 and 1o-2 is how many Robert fosters you have.

  • not getting foster keeps pitt from having a dynamic playmaker on the outside for yet another year. The recievers for next year, other than street, are complete unknowns. With that said, based off of spring and fall drills and mumblings from coaches, players, etc the core can be very solid. brendon felder reportedly has sub 4.4 speed, chris wuestner could be a stud-- hes got great hands, good size, and apparently has some good speed himself. Ronald jones is primed for a breakout year, ed tinker can be a decent possession reciever, and one guy i like is demitrious davis-- can flat out fly. again, total unknowns, but i think engram showed that he was a great wr coach with the work he did this year and with a whole new off season and some familiarity, i look for him to do well with these guys as well.