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Past QB Misses & Hype Coming In

  • After reading and posting in the Tim Boyle thread I got to thinking about the recent batch of PITT QBs going back to 2007 and how many actually produced during their careers here. Also, about what their recruit rankings were like in HS.

    We listed some misses with Shane Murray, Kevan Smith, Dexter Davidson, Kolby Grey and Greg Cross. There wasn't a lot of big expectations for Murray, Smith, Grey and Davidson but Greg Cross was looked at as being a grand addition to a position of need when he was scouted and recruited out of Junior College in 2008.

    Cross was an interesting case. In JUCO he was rated as a four star QB by Scouts but his decision making and accuracy were in question even then (link). He gets to PITT and the level of play is so much higher and the defense so much more complex that he literally could not be counted on to play the position at all.

    He was a INT machine in all the camps and scrimmages because either he didn't learn where his receivers should be or couldn't read the defense.

    But his case is a cautionary tale for PITT fans in that there was a ton of hype with him coming to PITT and great things were expected. We tried him at different positions and even redshirted him a year to switch him to WR - and then he only played in two games and had one reception for ten yards.

    PITT fans point to Bostick as being a 'bust' at four stars but I think Cross was an even worse case of judgement. Bostick at least contributed to the team's success in some games and was a solid backup if needed but Cross literally couldn't be played at any position.

    Swing and miss.

    Fans went on to do the same with Myers soon afterward when he was recruited in 2010. Big kid, strong arm and a four star, #11 QB on Rivals... and one who couldn't think his way out of a paper bag, or even worse, chose not to learn how to do it. His accuracy at this level was terrible and he was strictly limited to the deep ball. However, all that didn't matter really because the coaches couldn't in good conscience reward a player who thumbed his nose at any sort of work ethic while other players busted their collective asses.

    Of course, fans latched onto the highest recruit rating Myers had and projected him as the PITT QB of the future disregarding ESPN's two star, #102 ranking on him which turned out to be spot on.

    Big swing and miss by DW there also.

    We have a few new QBs who I think are getting lost behind the hype coming onboard soon also. Voytik, Chapman and Kincaid all might be pretty decent looking at this time but we know all three aren't going to pan out.

    Voytik had two decent college practices - with 18 poorer ones that were overlooked - and PITT fans wanted him to either start as a true freshman or be in the two deep over other experienced QBs on roster. It really isn't fair to both cherry pick what actually happened nor put the burden of expectations on him at such an early stage of his career. He has played exactly like what he is - a rookie in college. It wasn't like the reports coming out of camp were sugar coating anything either - coverage of his practices were pretty accurate and nondescript. However, PITT fans wanted him as the Next Best Thing.

    We are also seeing this with the Savage / Voytik discussions going into the spring camp of 2013. PITT fans are just sure that there will be addition by subtraction at the QB only because Sunseri won't be behind center. What they choose not to acknowledge is that while Savage had a decent FR year at RU he was relegated to the bench in his SO year and then has personally chosen to be out of football for two straight years... and with all that he's a career 53% passer.

    Voytik had a decent HS career but his accuracy and completion rate wasn't anything to crow about either at about 55% or so. He's got a lot of learning to do to be an effective starter at the college level but fans still point back to his recruit rating and think that he just has to be good enough to start in his rsFR year.

    To me that isn't an enough of a solid foundation to where the QB position is a lock to be better played then in 2012 but PITT fans don't want to contemplate that happening

    It's pretty crazy when you look objectively at it. I'm all for optimism and what I love about college football is that sometimes the less hyped kids turn out to play very well, but hoping that happens is one thing - whether or not that comes true is another.

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  • Reed there may have been some who hyped Cross but th reality is he was nothing more than an emergency stop gap. He was a kid that was thought to be a change of pace in the wild cat and who might be able to throw enough to keep the defense honest But as you noted, he couldnt hit the broad side of the barn

    I was in fact excited to see Myers play. I dont have the inside info so I never heard about his lack of effort but what I saw in the one spring game he got a chance in he looked much better than Sunseri Yeah its D3 but he had a pretty impressive year indicating that accuracy wasnt a big factor. He may just be one of those kids who needed a chance to compete and Im not sure he every got a legit shot at Pitt (sound familiar? LOL)

    As far as the current kids, I dont know if any of them will pan out which is why you have to play the numbers game. I will say that off the three current QBs' Im most excited about Chapman as he adds a dimension PItt hasnt had in years. The word is hes a more accurate Pat White which is pretty darn good.

    Nothing is a lock though so it will be interesting to see how these kids pan out

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  • Good post Reed...That is why next year Trey Anderson will throw for 3500 yards next yearbiggrin

  • I watch Myers in practices and can tell you that he was missing a lot more passes than completing them. That spring game was probably the high point of Myers PITT career and that was due, I believe, to the gratification PITT fans experienced when he completed those long passes... in the absence of any long ball capability of the starter Sunseri.

    Graham couldn't play Myers for the reasons I explained above - mainly after Graham was hired he checked out of the program mentally thus didn't understand Graham's offense. Graham even said as much in mid-season. Paul Chryst pretty much showed the future to Myers' PITT career after the spring practices and that's part of why Myers transferred.

    Think about it - the kid was very well physically suited to being a QB in Chryst's offense but wasn't welcome in it. That speaks volumes to me about the attitude Myers had while at PITT.

    I will say this for him though - Myers was put directly behind the eight ball when Graham was hired, completely changed the QB position and then brought in Anderson as QB2. I give Myers credit for not transferring after Gonzalez was suspended in May 2011 for the summer camp & two games and before Anderson was brought aboard. We were left with only Sunseri and Myers at that point after the 2011 spring game and he could easily have transferred and really left PITT in a bad way but he stuck it out. I give him credit for that.

    But I don't believe that Myers got the raw end of the deal with PITT. He wasn't ever going to play as a true FR because DW was never going to do that after the 2007 season. Coaching changes happen in college ball and things change - bad break for Myers but not one done personally.

    Plus, Myers still could have gotten playing time during the 2011 season had he applied himself and shown himself ready to be a decent stop gap alternative to Sunseri after Anderson's injury put him on the bench. He didn't do that so we were forced to stick with Sunseri no matter how badly he played, which at times was putrid.

  • My prediction is that if CV doesnt beat out Savage this year, he will never be the starter at Pitt unless TC is injured. This is cv's shot to take control of the starting position.

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  • Yeah - I think you may be correct. IMO Chryst will most probably go with experience at the QB position with Savage for one more year vice playing a QB "for the future" - he can't afford three losing seasons in a row

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  • Actually I was thinking that if its close between Savage and CV that CV will get the nod. If its not close, either Savage has greatly improved or CV is just not all that good. Either way, I think TC will win the job next year if CV isnt the incumbant.

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