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Owt rates the top 10 recruits in Pitt's class

  • I know, you all have been asking me, so I will comply. First please know, this doesn't base it on any ratings/stars but how I project these guys will be in college, say at this time 2015 or 2016. Also, impact of position.

    So...they may significantly differ from current rankings.

    1) Dorian Johnson. Why? Simply put he may be the most gifted OL produced in the WPIAL in years. He is big, he is athletic, and he has a higher ceiling than many already finished OL. He can play Tackle or Guard.
    2) Here goes the apple cart. Jeremiah Telani. WHAT? WHAT!!! Why? The success rate for large, interior defensive linemen who are American/Samoan are high. In fact possibly the #1 overall pick may be Star Tulatalei from Utah. Also, another kid from BYU is projected to go in the top 25. Notice, they are Utah and BYU. Likely they were never 5 star recuits who USC and Alabama were after.
    3) Travon Chapman. We just now see it on all levels, QB's who can make plays. Whether it is running, passing, whatever. He fits this mold.
    4) Tyler Boyd. Great athlete and playmaker. Would be higher if I was completely sure he was specific to a position.
    5) Jayrd-Jones Smith. Just a huge, raw natural Tackle with a large upside. I have faith in this staff developing OLinemen, and he is excellent raw material to work with.
    6) James Connor. He can kill terminators like his brother.
    7) Tyrique Jarrett. Big strong interior linemen, the kind you see in the SEC. Reminds me a bit of Arthur Jones from Syracuse.
    8) Zach Challingsworth. Just very underrated.
    9) Shakir Soto. Pass rushing DE's make alot of impact.
    10) Matt Galombus LB

    There. Pin it. Post it. Tell me I am wrong.

  • I put Chap, TB, and several others ahead of the big Somoan (BTW, the BYU DE prospect is a brother from Ghana - if that's who you're talking about).

    I also have a hard time leaving Mr. Wonderful off this list. Parish will be a pleasant surprise too.

  • 1.) Johnson - Could start on the OL from day 1. Special talent.
    2.) Boyd - Special talent also.....would be #1 if he was playing Safety.
    3.) Jarrett - I think he's the most underrated player in the class. I think he moves well for a mountian of a man.
    4.) Chapman - Hesitant about this, because I really like Kincaide....
    5.) Orndoff - Dokish made me do it
    6.) Howard - I think he gets bigger and develops into a fierce hitter
    7.) Conner - BIG ASTERICK here, assuming he plays DE instead of RB. If it's RB, move him down to about 20
    8.) Edwards - I think this kid is a steal
    9.) Jones-Smith - Raw and will develop into a solid OT who doesn't get a lot of pub
    10.) Soto - Early steal. Might earn PT as a freshman
    11.) Challingsworth - Young and Raw. Sky is the limit if he works his butt off
    12.) Parrish - Starting FB eventually, possible next year if Durham is moved to DE
    13.) Taleni - big strong fat guy. much needed after donald goes.
    14.) Moody - Plays quick, I think if he bulks up and gets stronger, could suprise a lot and end up top 10 in this class
    15.) Webb - Becomes a decent 3rd slot WR
    16.) Maclean - Seems like a good spot for him.
    17.) Green - Good athlete, I hope they give him a shot at WR
    18.) Reese - Solid backup, could suprise and get decent PT
    19.) Galambos - The new Trebitz. Good special teams, overmatched on defensive unit
    20.) Weah - So raw, hard to project
    21.) Baker - Solid backup
    22.) Officer - I think he gets recruited over
    23.) Poker - If he moves to blocking TE, he could be helpfull
    24.) Harper - I don't see him finishing 4 years at Pitt
    25.) Ibrahim - I don't see him finishing 4 years at Pitt
    26.) Blewis - he's a kicker shrug
    27.) Winslow - he's a punter shrug

  • I will personally wager that Taleni never plays more than sparingly.

    Look for the early enrolled kids to excel. I think chapman will be a multiple year starter as well as dj. Scott orndorff has a chance to be the best all around player in the class.

    Under-rated guys. Soto, galambos, and Conner (if he stays on defense)

  • I think the OP really missed the boat on Scott Orndoff. This kid has "star" written all over him and may be the most underrated player in the class. He should be at least number 2 on this list, IMHO.

    The rest I could buy, although the reasoning on Taleni is way suspect.

    Unfortunately, if history serves, about half the class will have no positive impact at Pitt... Hopefully Coach C. can improve on those odds, but I'll believe if when I see it.

    Go Pitt.

  • Yeah I was debating on Orndorff at many of the slots from 5 on. Then I kind of talked myself out of him. All indications we got a good one.

  • 1. DJ - not much needs to be explained other than his natural skills are only rivaled by Charles Spencer since that time.

    2. Officer - I love this kid's tape. I think he fits this offense like a glove. He's a big dude who finishes.

    3. Boyd - I'd probably have him #1 if he was going to play safety.

    4. Howard - I love his upside

    5. Jarrett - need position, I expect him to be able to compete phyiscally from day 1. I expect him to be good by his 2nd year here if he's willing to work

    6. Chapman - Upside and potential. Risky position to project.

    7. Orndorff - will probably be a 4 year letterman.

    8. Connor - I'm not as high as some are on him. I don't see the burst that I though I would as a DE the more I've seen his tape. I think he projects better to RB than DE in all honesty. Can't be too effective as an undersized DL w/ an average burst.

    9. Soto - switch Connor with this pick. Has some grace in his movements and is physical.

    10. Poker - I like his tape and his position flexibility. Low risk high reward recruit.

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  • Ibrahim is interesting to me. His tape looks really good but hard telling what the competition was like. You may be right on him, but I wouldn't be surprised if he not only sticks but at some point becomes a strong contributor to the team. For me the question will be at what position? Hopefully the coaches find the right choice for him from the beginning and he isn't a kid that bounces back and forth between offense and defense never really finding a home.

  • 1. Orndoff - because he's both talented and because when Chryst's offenses get going they use the hell out of the TE. To be honest, the TE position with Holtz and Orndoff might be the most productive position on offense this coming season.

    2. Johnson - but not in the 2013 season. He's really not as big as everyone thinks. He's 6'6" and 280 - rather slender actually, (Hey, I'm 6'6" and almost 250 and I look skinny). He needs to put on 30+ pounds to play OL in Chryst's system.

    3. Jarrett - big, fast and a year older then most true FR. I think he plays alongside Donald and Ezell plays some DE next year.

    4. Boyd - I'm not as enamored as others about his playing WR in college. I say sit him out for a year, put 30 pounds on him and make him a RB. That is how he made his mark in HS and he can do the same in college. By the time he's a rsSO he'll be 200+ lbs

    5. Taleni - because I lived in Kailua and watched Hawai'ian HS football and was really impressed with the athleticism these Island kids have. The recruiting sites overlook Hawai'i and I think this kid is going to get a lot of PT over the next four years.

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  • On Johnson.. he is very slender because his 280 is almost all muscle. However, if he were to just put 15 lbs on this fall, even if its some fat, he could get a shot at guard in 2013 just because of the lack of depth. If these team had the depth it should it wouldnt even be a question of pt for him. He would really benefit from a red shirt season where he could add 30 pounds and work with this staff.

  • holtz needs to be a blocking TE. he runs slower than smegma thinks, which isn't good for anyone.

    if this TE can run, that's a nice complement and can open things up. we definitely need two wr's to step up next year. street should be solid if not spectacular.

  • This is my projection over 4 or 5 years

    1. DJ. He could be pitts most talented ol in a long while and chryst and hueber should be able to make the most of that talent.
    2. Tra Chap. I expect him to redshirt this year and then be a 3 year starter for pitt where hes going to throw for a ton of yards, a ton of touchdowns, and win pitt a good amount of games.
    3. shakir soto. He might need a few years to see time, but he has great size, long arms, and hes a good pass rusher.
    4. Matt Galambos. Yea i know some of you dont even know why he was offered but his senior film is a 180 degree flip from his junior film. Hes big, fast, hits hard, and smart.
    5. JJS. Huge and has the raw tools to be a very good tackle for pitt.
    6. Big Tyrique Jarrett. I love the combination of size, nastiness, and surprising quickness that he has. I think he could challenge KKMS for pt this year.
    7. Luke maclean. Hes got solid size, but he is very quick and has a high motor. which tells me if he gets stronger he could rack up a lot of sacks while at pitt.
    8. Zach Challingsworth. good size, very good speed, great hands. Once he learns under engram i think well be hearing a lot of "chapman to challingsworth for the touchdown!"
    9. Titus howard. GREAT height and length for a corner, good speed, freakish athletic ability and matt house did an excellent job this year with pitts corners.
    10. Tyler boyd. only because i dont know what position he will end up at. if he plays receiver id move him up to about 4. If he plays running back, which why on earth would you ruin his speed and quickness by adding 25 pounds to him?, i dont think he ever makes an impact.

  • It isn't like Holtz is slow though - he's fine for a TE. He ripped of catch & runs for 43 yards against ND and 29 yards against RU so he can 'tote the rock' as they say.

    Orndoff has been clocked at 4.6 (FWIW) and played WR in HS - averaging 18.1 ypc as a JR. His SR year he played TE and he averaged 17.3 ypc. So, he can get down the field out of either position.

    BTW - for all the bitching PITT fans do about kids switching making visits after a verbal and even switching commitments Orndoff is another PITT recruit who previously committed elsewhere for Wisconsin.

    As far as a second WR to Street I think we'll see Ronald Jones used more as a slot receiver and Tinker / Wuestner as that 2nd WR. Throw in D. Davis and Felder for speed to go deep with Savage's big arm and we'll be OK and have a pretty decent WR two deep.

  • Believe me I hope I am wrong, but this kid will be a career special teamer. IMO, he's way too tentative and slow to react when he's playing on defense. Maybe better at DE, but I don't see the burst. I still think he's a TE.

  • Please..we need the ball in this guys hands as much as possible..

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  • 1.Dorian Johnson-A potential franchise LT in the NFL
    2.Tra'Von Chapman-The future of the program
    3.Tyler Boyd-I see him in more of a Percy Harvin role, where the coaches find ways to get him the ball
    4.Tyrique Jarrett-Very under-rated kid that I think will become a strong 3 year starter
    5.Jaryd Jones-Smith-Not ready to play right away but has the tools to develop into a special player
    6.Shakir Soto-Under-rated kid that I see on the field early. Just has the look and feel of a player that will come in and get the most out if his talent
    7.Justin Moody-I think he could become a DT capable of penetrating the backfield
    8.Alex Officer-A kid that looks like a 2-3 year starter at guard
    9.Titus Howard-I'm more impressed with him than what the rankings say. I think he could play this year in a small role or redshirt and play a big role in 2014.
    10.James Connor-If he plays defense I think he will be a steal. Offensively he would be behind Shell, Bennett, and Crockett
    11.Aaron Reese-I like him a lot but I see DJ and JJS as the tackles, so hopefully he can play guard.
    12.Scott Orndoff-Looks like a well-rounded tight end that can do a bit of everything. I see him helping in 2013.
    13.Matt Galambos-Inside linebacker with great instincts and a nose for the ball. Maybe a bit limited athletically but can be a leader on D
    14.Jaymar Parrish-A weapon as a fullback or an H-back type.
    15.Terrish Webb-Perfect candidate to be a productive slot receiver
    16.Zach Challingsworth-A receiver that has more potential than the rankings indicate.
    17.Jeremiah Taleni-Space eating DT with a bit of athleticism
    18.Reggie Green-The type of kid I can see playing in nickel and dime packages and starting for a year.
    19.Luke Maclean-I don't think he will start but I do think he can be a solid player in the rotation at LB
    20.Zach Poker-I'm not sure how I really view him yet but I think he could make some type of impact at a few different positions.
    21.Devon Edwards-I see him being a part of the rotation at tight end since Chryst's offense likes a lot of 2 TE sets
    22.Jester Weah-I like his potential, but I don't see him doing much until his redshirt sophomore season at the earliest.
    23.Carson Baker-I think he will be more of a depth lineman long term on the two deep.
    24.Rachid Ibrahim-Reserve and special teamer
    25.Tony Harper-I don't expect much. Hope I'm wrong
    26.Ryan Winslow-I think he is a fairly safe bet to be a solid punter
    27.Chris Blewitt-I'm afraid to buy in on a highly rated kicker after Harper, but he could at least be a solid kickoff guy

  • did you see him running after that catch against rutgers? he was so wide open he made it but man was he slow. maybe he was hurt or something that day.

  • JP looks a little slow to me. It's why I said he's got to be careful not to end up a OG because of his muscle.

    Jimmy Kleinsasser is who I think of when I think of Holtz.

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  • Steel - only you can throw out a name like "Jimmy Kleinsasser" and expect other to have any idea of who he is.

    Holtz may not have even white boy WR speed but the yards he picks up running over DBs make up for it.

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  • I am just saying you guys just sometimes look at star rankings and then guess based on these rankings. My case for Telani is....look in the NFL. Look in college. The percentage is very high of big, Hawaian/Somoan kids dominating along the DLine. MOST of them were overlooked and played at schools in the West. I think the success rate for these kids is even higher than a 5 star. Granted, there aren't that many of them and not a large sample size, but their overall success is too high to ignore.

  • Ya....but if schools like Utah and Oregon state and byu have had tremendous success with these types of recruits why didn't they offer? They would be well aware of the success rate. Taleni simply wasnt that talented or he would have had an offer.