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If this happens Corbett needs to be removed from office

  • for wasting tax payers money. Dude is as corrupt as they come and I have to think hes as dirty as Spanier in this issue.

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  • PSU isn't a state school so I don't see the state having any claim or jurisdiction. What exactly could the state say they've lost? There's indirect tax revenue lost but that is not something that can be sued for. Very odd - this has to be some bizarre political ploy as is think the Judge would throw this out immediately. That is, unless he/she is a nitter fan.

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  • At best I would think that any judge would limit the lessening of the NCAA fines to a percentage equal to the state monies PSU recieves into its overall operating funds.

    Which, if I'm not mistaken, isn't that high. This is interesting also - taken from the State Codes:

    "While the Pennsylvania State University (University) recognizes the current public interest in the requested information, please be advised the University is not a "Commonwealth agency" as defined under Pennsylvania's Right to Know Law (RTKL), 65 P.S. § 67.701 et seq."

    IMO PSU is more state affiliated and receves some State money, just as PITT does.

    Paco - please weigh in.

  • Corbett is clearly a cult member.

    Check out the quote in this article.

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  • Corbett didn't do PSU any favors throughout the entire process and is now lobbying for this to get more votes.

    I think he is playing on both sides of the fence.

    I'd be surprised if many PSU fans vote for him next election.

    Corbett saying these things now makes me sick, considering he was the guy who showed up to the BOT meetings when all of this came out and was the Attorney General when this originally was being pursued.

    If winning was easy even losers would do it.

  • I have to admit that I was not completely ok with the fine. I don't think that an organization like the NCAA should have the authority to fine a non-profit that receives taxpayer funding. If they want to withhold payments to the university (like TV deal money), that's fine. I just don't think it's right to have the university cut a check. Also, the $60 million that was taken away from the university won't be missed by the football team. The football team will still have the resources that it has always had. It's more likely that some of the smaller sports at the school will have their budgets cut instead.

  • Actually I was thinking along the same lines,
    he is pandering for votes,
    or to get some heat off him from the Pa attorney general who wants to investigate his involvement.

  • 100% correct Reed. It has the exact same standing as Pitt and Temple. It is not state owned or operated and receives less than 10% of its annual budget from the Commonwealth, just like Pitt. These schools don't even fall within the annual general Commonwealth budget; rather they are funded under separate legislative appropriation bills for "non-preferred" entities that aren't under control of the state. Following Corbett's push to essentially privatize the state-related schools last year and his previous try to remove tobacco fund money from the state-relates because they weren't public, this whole law suit is simply beyond the definition of hypocritical. It is a joke. This is grandstanding to win back votes from the cult that has blamed Corbett for Paterno's firing. Corbett is showing is true colors in pandering to this Franco and Lubrano led group of nutbags. What an absolute louse and a thorough embarrassment to the Commonwealth.

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  • Well, Penn State decides what to take the money away from. Penn State agreed to the fine. The NCAA is a voluntary organization to belong to. Penn State is not state owned or operated. There is no legal standing here for the Commonwealth as far as I can tell. The Commonwealth could easily stipulate that no appropriations go toward paying the NCAA fine. Pure grandstanding IMO, and very unsavory grandstanding at that.

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  • He should be investigated for this. And for his role in the Marcellas Shell money.

  • In my dealings with state officials, they are almost all currupt to a horrifying degree. There are a handful of really good ones but they are either destroyed by the machine or like Corbett, slowly get overcome by a lust for power and become part of the problem. PA was on the cusp of healing itself of the Rendell regime but it turns out Corbett is little better. As someone who works in the field of economic development, it pains me to say that there is little hope that I can see in this state. Almost all the power here is in the hands of unions and a small band of political elites. Corbett is definately not an option for the future and anything the PA dem party offers up will be just as dreadful. PA has a golden opportunity with Oh, NY, NJ and Md being a complete fiscal and political shambles. We blew it. It may be time to leave.

  • Totally agree. This is tremendously hypocritical and political. He could have alleviated alot of this if his office prosecuted Jerry way back when.

  • "The NCAA is a voluntary organization to belong to."

    This is the meat of the matter. People tend to forget that PSU could have 1) taken the NCAA to court or 2) withdrew its membership in the NCAA.

    They chose to do neither and in actuality negotiated that fine and the rest of the sanctions to avoid the death penalty.

    Franco and his ilk have very short memories - if anything Corbett and the State should be suing PSU to get whatever % of that $60M is equal to what the state funded to the school/

  • Corbett is calling for all sanctions to be reversed.

    Full. Blown. Cult. Pathetic. Disgusting. Vile.

    The NCAA's reply was perfect.
    "Not only does this forthcoming lawsuit appear to be without merit, it is an affront to all of the victims in this tragedy -- lives that were destroyed by the criminal actions of Jerry Sandusky," said Donald M. Remy, NCAA executive vice president and general counsel. "While the innocence that was stolen can never be restored, Penn State has accepted the consequences for its role and the role of its employees and is moving forward. Today's announcement by the governor is a setback to the university's efforts."

    Let Corbett know what you think...

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  • Since I no longer live in PA, I could care less that old Corby is wasting PA taxpayers money on a frivolous law suit to appease a segment of voters.

    HOwever it boils my blood that a man who clearly was involved in this case, if not directly but peripherally based on his relationships with the BOT and the Second Mile, is playing politics with this case. Corbett is a corrupt POS and I hope this attempt to pander for votes backfires and bites him in the behind.

    I truly believe that Erickson and the BOT, who are no dummies, knew there was far more dirt that would be dug up if they allowed the NCAA to investigate and/or didnt settle quickly to allow the dust to settle. Thus they accepted what seemingly was a harsh penalty to avoid far more damaging information to come out. There is no other explanation as to why they would just roll over and play dead for the NCAA.

    Anyone who votes for Corbett should have their right to vote removed due to stupidity

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  • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Some thoughts:

    1) Tom Corbett said in June after these penalties that "Penn State is much more than a football program" and that football does not define the university. Obviously not.

    2) Tom Corbett said in June after these penalties that "accepting these sanctions and moving on is part of the healing process". Obviously not.

    3) The NCAA came after PSU and laid on the table (supposedly) the Death Penalty. If PSU was so sure of its innocence and this matter only resided with a few people, why did they accept it? They also knew there was other things outside of the just the non actions by PSU officials in regards to Sandusky. By accepting this, there would be no need for further investigation and follow up.

    4) Where are these victims? By my accounts, Penn State played football last year. They were on TV. Fans got their 7 or 8 home games. They got to do the zombie chant, the players got to be demi gods to PSU fans, they got to watch their beloved Lions in everything BUT a bowl game, which is really just a glorified exhibition game. So I am really having a hard time finding compassion for these collateral victims. Same with the next few years. When you really look at it, big picture wise, the punishments are not that harsh. Just PSU can't win a championship, something they weren't doing anyways. College football has no playoffs.

    5) It is obvious and it was stated that part of the punitive process was the "culture of football". The penalties were given to hopefully remove some of this while not taking football away, but to put in perspective. We now realize that Penn State University, is no different than the University of Alabama or Oregon or many others that football is more important than the University. The culture of football is the same.

    6) Tom Corbett could have many times brought the hammer down on Jerry, and in doing so likely minimizing some of the damage to the school. There is no doubt that prosecuting Jerry would have looked bad for PSU, and therefore bad for Corbett politically, even though it was the right thing and also the right thing for PSU who likely could have avoided alot of these sanctions. But he chose his political aspirations over what was best. Now? He wants to sue the NCAA because of his inactions.

    7) The NCAA will no doubt fight this and fight hard. Losing this basically means they are completely meaningless and without power.

    8) Penn State's President and BOT needs to tread carefully here. Because, all of these sanctions were related to the inactions of the PSU Athletic Administration and President, and actions of Jerry Sandusky. There have been enough articles and comments starting with the ESPN OTL, the former PSU Administrator in charge of discipline and many, many others who could collaberate on the preferential discipline, the rumors of players getting proceeds, carepackages, and other special treatment that is definitively the jurisdiction of the NCAA, and the NCAA then tacks this on, and shuts the program down completely for 4 years.

    9) The timing is curious. I wonder if this is another attempt to keep BoB and recruits by telling them "see, the sanctions will not be applicable".

    10) Which is again, is about what Penn State really cares about.....its football program and facade like legacy.


  • Corbett acted the way he did before to settle a fight he created back when he was running for governor and Spanier and Onarato were buddies. Corbett felt slighted.

    This is 100% politically motivated.

    If winning was easy even losers would do it.

  • First off, this is clearly a move to pander for votes.

    However, considering the economic impact of PSU football on the economy of the Commonwealth, it is of interest to the State of Pennsylvania. Like it or not. And if you read the lawsuit, they clearly show the NCAA as a monopoly that used it's power to force Erickson in signing the consent decree. There is no equitable alternative to the NCAA. This has already been proven in the courts in past cases.

    The NCAA is in trouble.

    Corbett is still pathetic.

  • This board is starting to read like scout and rivals, a lot of everything but what it is intended for, Greg, if this is the way this board is headed, a lot of political venom, unsubstantiated typical crap about public figures, if there is a trial or not, let it happen with out all the uninformed guesses cluttering up the site. there seems to be a lot of misery out there wanting to pass some of it on to others. What happens will not alter anyone's life one bit, let it play out before all the haters have a heart attack.

  • Jim....relax. Sorry, this is topical and was sprung today. We can't help it that these football obsessed Nits will not let this thing go and let it die (they are already 1/4 of a way through their sanctions) so what do you expect? And Political figures, I am sorry the Governor and the State of PA initiated this suit. That brings them into play. If you don't like it, don't read it. Here is another thing, I always said this on other message boards, you are also welcome to start your own thread. But I never see anything from you? You have any thoughts or opinions? POST THEM!

  • This line of logic I don'g get. State college will have the same amount of home games so how in the world will small businesses, etc... be impacted? By lower attendance? Then that is on the fans, not the NCAA.

    So how in the world does this fine impact the economy of the commonwealth or local surrounding areas?

  • It doesnt................PSU football helps ONE town and ONE semi private university. It has very little impact on the commonwealth as a whole. The entire suit as a political publicity stunt that is a complete waste of taxpayers money

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  • Pathetic....and one thing I have learned just like when an athlete says "It is isn't about the money" it is about the money...

    When a politician says "It isn't about politics" it is about the politics...

  • But again as Reed and I pointed out...they didn't lose anything. They still had the home games. They still had all the games on TV. Nothing changed. Nothing in that respect. The only thing that would have been affected this year or next, is the travel agencies who book bowl trips. And you don't bring a state driven lawsuit because of this.

    Again, the NHL lockout had a 100fold detrimental effect on the state's economy than the PSU sanctions.