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Extremely Dissappointing Loss

  • The team showed no intensity or will to win. They got curb stomped on the boards and especially on their defensive glass. ND imposed their will on the Panthers and they wilted.

    JDs performance was awful as well. He looked like a dear in the headlights after that T. Rather than getting his his players grill and getting othe refs all he did was play hockey coach with constant lne changes......

    Durand Johnson may have helped with some outside shooting but the realit is when you get killed on the boards thats just will and want to.

    This game will be a huge test of the teams Character. When you get embarassed like that you either step up and play better or go into a tail spin

    This game was a display of all the problems we saw early on. Our Upper classman were tenative and invisible. Our Bigs played soft. No one had the will to step up and be agressive. IT seemed they all were looking around for someone else to step up. Lets hope this was a one game abberation. Teams have craped the bed this late in the season and done good things. We shall see.

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  • pitt football wilted too against ND in our last game....they just bend over and give up as soon as ND has even the slightest hint of hope.

    they had ND beaten down and we rolled over like girls in both sports this year.