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Can anyone answer why the ACC doesn't start a cable network?

  • If the B1G is making so much by moving into these new markets off of guaranteed revenue from sports packages, why can't ESPN create an ACC Network and add an extra .50- $1 per home using the 3rd tier content that they already put on ESPN3? Then you can televise wrestling, volleyball, lacrosse, soccer, etc as fill in content.

    If it is a financial boon for the B1G, then the ACC has the markets to do it and make money from it. The B1G has Chicago, Detroit (shrinking), Indy, Milwaukee, Philly, Pgh (cough-cough) & Columbus. The ACC has all FL cities, ATL, all NC cities, all VA cities, Pgh, upstate NY and an argument for NYC and Boston. Now Baltimore has shifted to the B10 and a majority of NYC has as well. I would think that starting a network and adding Butgers for the exact reason that the B1G did so would be a no brainer. As it is, the ACC has an argument for NYC with both Cuse & ND. Plus ND carries a lot of NJ & Philly. And with UVA and VT still, the DC market is still on the map. So despite overlap there is no reason that an ACC Network could not be included in those areas.

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  • Because the start up costs and thus risk to start one are tremendous on your own (Pac12) unless you have a partner (B10 with 51% owned by Fox) and the ACC is littered with teams like BC, GT, and Miami that don't command their market or split their state with other flagship schools (Clemson and FSU). It is also locked into a long-term contract with ESPN that makes it even more expensive to buy content back because ESPN has first dibs on "third-tier" programing with the existing contract. In the meantime, what it has done is start to develop one the wings as internet based delivery as it watches how the Pac's model turns out. It may be too late though. The ACC f*ed up big by not being more aggressive in this area sooner.

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  • This is my point, ESPN can be that partner. That 3rd tier content can be shown and then ESPN can add other content to get the Sports Package rate of $1 per home. Look, if Rutgers and MD can get the $1 per home with their interest level in their markets, the ACC Network is a slam dunk.

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  • ESPN is more interested in pushing ESPNU. They don't seem want to get into regional delivery like Fox.

    It is also yet to be seen if MD and RU can get that money, but it may already be written into the contract since those territories already carry the BTN on a premium or sports tier. Fox is probably going to bundle YES (which carries the Yankees) with the BTN in New York.

    it is too late for a network to stop further defections this year.

    If the B10 takes more from the ACC, Pitt is downright f*ed. If the ACC holds, we are fine.

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