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Thank You from Greg Croft is one year old today!

At this Time I would like to {b]Thank[/b] all the members and subscribers of for making the site the outstanding site that it has become.

January 27, 2012 less then 48 hours after I agreed to become publisher was launched. Over the past 12 months I have learned a lot, had growing pains, but I am very thankful of the Panther247 staff, the 247 Sports staff, and of course very thankful for those of you members that make the site go.

I must admit at the beginning I was a bit nervous and somewhat timid, it had been several years since I have been in the recruiting business, other then a brief stint writing for Pantherlair on the Rivals network.

Then I was getting back into it, I had a major hurdle to climb with my health, a serious dental infection found me being life flighted to UPMC in Pittsburgh, after having two surgeries it made it nearly impossible for me to speak. I remember speaking to one prospect that asked me if my call was a joke since he could not understand me, I received calls at my home that someone said, "Could you put your Mother on the phone honey." It was a tough month, a huge month in the recruiting front with so many offers going out and evaluation time. I missed so much time at that point and it was very difficult to make it up.

The addition of Steve Flinn in March has been very big for Panther247, Steve is a great and very talented man, adding people like Lou Schmitt, was also a big addition. Not to mention all the hard work done by Michael Perry, John Brown JR, Reed Kohlberger, Bill Halvorsen, Brian Hanson, Michael Milliron, Michael White and others.

Then 247 Sports seen enough growth that they put more money into the site and added longtime recruiting analyst Bob Lichtenfels, anther outstanding addition to Panther247.

I have to admit it has been a great experience working with Bob, we have had some very fun times, and plenty of laughs. has a great team, and will continue to strive to be the best source of Pitt Athletic news on the internet. Panther247, will also continue to strive to keep the site very professional and most importantly represent Pitt in a very positive and professional manner. has grown to the point of having several former players, current players, recruits, commits, athletic department members, board of trustees members, and even a vice chancellor become part of Panther247 subscribers. That in itself is very important to me, especially with the site only being one year old.

IPanther247 will continue to improve, and continue to give it's members as good as coverage as possible, and continue to represent The University Of Pittsburgh very proudly and professionally.

Also I would like to offer a special Thank You to the Mods of Panther247, it is not an easy job, but you guys do a very good job.

Once again Thank You!

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